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Pace of play

Pace of play is a growing concern for all golfers, at the Milngavie Golf Club we offer a range of courses that can offer a superb golfing experience to Members and Visitors of all abilities.

We do however ask that golfers be mindful of their position on the course and that they monitor progress against the following guidelines (measurements reflect a 3 ball playing the White Tees):


Hole Time (min) Running Time (hr, min)
1 12 0:12
2 9 0:21
3 12 0:33
4 14 0:47
5 11 0:58
6 9 1:07
7 13 1:20
8 12 1:32
9 13 1:45
10 14 1:59
11 11 2:10
12 9 2:19
13 13 2:32
14 12 2:44
15 14 2:58
16 10 3:08
17 13 3:21
18 11 3:32


Members and Visitors are expected to maintain their position on the course in relation to the timetable provided or let others play through when asked..

All golfers have a responsibility for the resolution of slow play, golfers should expect to be challenged by others if not maintaining the pace of play required.

How to Avoid Slow Play:

  1. Having played a wayward shot, the golfer should immediately consider whether a provisional ball should be played.
  2. If the game behind is waiting, they must be waved through. Recommended practice is for the two groups to then play their approach shots to the green, the group waved will hole out and will proceed ahead
  3. When approaching a green, golfers should consider where the next tee is located and leave their clubs appropriately to ensure that the green can be cleared promptly upon conclusion of play
  4. Walk smartly between shots, be prepared to play your shot immediately on your turn. In bounce games, play ‘ready golf’ (i.e. agree with your partners that all will play when ready whether furthest from the hole or not)
  5. Marking of scores should only be done when time permits and not upon conclusion of play at any given hole
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